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You know you have a great episode of Hunter x Hunter when Killua flips his switch.

We're just about at that point in the arc when the action is about to start pouring out at an unstoppable rate.  It's that moment right before all the bricks hit the fan.  Something that Hunter x Hunter does so well by enticing us with future prospects, all the while delivering great action in the present.

This was definitely a great action episode.  We got to see more from Gon and Kllua - Kite to a considerably lesser extent, but that was to be expected - as they start to show off their skill against the Chimera Ants.  Killua gets to have a little more fun - that extends to us watching him - completely crushing his opponent, while Gon struggles a little more but ultimately beats his opponent like everyone else.  Gon's always lagged behind Killua, so him not winning as easily comes as something to be expected.  Kite had a smaller part in the action, only making a few (deadly) moves, thus establishing his superiority in ability.  He continues to play the role of a mentor in the loosest capacity, seeing as how treats Gon and Killua as equals.  It's because of this we hadn't actually established he was stronger than him, but this episode made that clear when he easily took out Yunju.  And I suspect many were happy to see the enslaving chimera ant die.

With the action taking up almost all of the screen time, the development came at the end.  Now that Rammot has obtained nen, the real Chimera Ant arc can begin.  It's a development which brings with it a sense of foreboding for the future episodes, and one that just makes Hunter x Hunter extra special.  It was only a matter of time before the ants evolved once more, and this evolution is sure to make things even darker and blood-filled for the arc. Certainly raise the calibre of the action we can expect, and it was pretty high to begin with.

The storm is coming.  My advice: get ready for when things start to move at light speed.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 83 Preview

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