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With this episode we say goodbye to Greed Island.  What a historic day for Hunter x Hunter.

Historic may be overselling  it, but it is important to remember the original adaptation ended with the set of Greed Island OVA's.  This episode has now reached the same stopping point as the original anime adaptation, and shows no signs of coming to an end.

It's a happy episode.  We get these episodes once in a while from Hunter x Hunter to remind us that there is some light to accompany all the dark moments the series has.  Things may get a little bloody or gruesome at times but you can always expect some type of happy ending at the end of each arc.  We are left with a little cause for concern; the nen remover making his way towards Chrollo Lucifer.  As always, you can never feel too safe in Hunter x Hunter.  I won't speculate as to how this will play out in the future, so let's move back to the celebrations.

I will say one thing: there was a lot of information in this episode.  As a farewell gift we get an explanation of how Greed Island came to be - focused on more on the creators - and a meeting with a few people who know Ging.  It's comes as no surprise that these men are just as strange and eccentric as the absentee father himself, to the point where one of them had their name changed by Ging in a matter of seconds.  They provide us with a few laughs before sending Gon and Killua on their way with the victory item. Gon's search for his father pops up once again, and with each passing arc he's getting that much closer to him.  Will he meet him in the next episode? Don't want to spoil anything for you, but it doesn't seem likely.  A quick goodbye to their most recent companion, Biscky closes the book on this arc and we're moved to the location of the next part of the story.

With Greed Island now behind us, Hunter x Hunter will finally see the Chimera Ant arc animated.  Possibly one of the most infamous arcs of any manga out there - it too was plagued by poor drawings from an ill Togashi-sensei - it has been publicised for the better part of a month in recent issues of Shonen Jump.  Those who never got the satisfaction from the manga, will surely feel redeemed in the upcoming weeks.  It's time for all Hunter x Hunter fans to see this arc in all its Madhouse animated gloty after years of waiting.

Final Note: This is indeed the last series I'll be covering for Vagish.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 76 Preview

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