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More and more, I realize how much I’m going to miss Hataraku  Maou-sama! when the season is over.

Poor Ashiya needs to stop getting sick.  Honestly, how does he plan to help Maou if he’s always ill?  Imagine what this episode would have been like if he’d been hanging out at Fushima Park with Chiho, Yusa, and Suzuno.  That could have been really interesting.

It seems like Urushihara is the only one at Castle Overlord who constantly pays attention to the demons harvesting magic…or perhaps he’s just interested in fear in general.  He’s always talking about haunted houses and such.  Despite being a hikikomori, he continues to prove his usefulness through his expertise when it comes to the internet.

Of course, there had to be a point soon in which Maou would prove (or at least begin to prove) to Suzuno that he’s not all bad.  It was pretty obvious as soon as the crocodiles escaped that Maou would use the fear to help rather than hurt the situation.  I’m looking forward to seeing Suzuno’s reaction to that event.

It appears that I might have been wrong about the manager of Sentucky.  It’s looking more likely that he’s an angel, not a demon.  He confuses the heck out of me.  I really hope we get more definitive information about him soon.  I don’t call wings definitive (even if they’re white) because Lucifer has wings, so…yeah.  Doesn’t mean much yet.  I mean, can an angel really be as perverted as he clearly is?  (Recall his creepy comments to Yusa, Rika, and Chiho.)

There are still a lot of questions to be answered before the season ends.  Who’s the Sentucky guy, really?  And do you remember the guy who attacked Yusa a few episodes back?  The guy in the ski mask with the giant death scythe?  Who’s that guy and what does he want?  What about the problems with the Church back on Ente Isla?  How’s that going?  And then there’s the ever-present question of whether or not Yusa will realize she has romantic feelings for Maou.

It’s unlikely that all these questions will be answered in the next few episodes, but the first couple at least should be.  There needs to be more explanation of the Sentucky manager as well as the guy who attacked Yusa with the death scythe.  Here’s hoping those answers come soon!