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The latest episode of Hataraku Maou-sama! mixes comedic and serious scenes rather well.

To start with, Yusa accompanies Chiho to bring Maou some food in an attempt to compete with the bento Suzuno made for him.  Suzuno then shows Chiho how to prepare and cook some food while she makes a meal for everyone at the apartment.  It seems that everyone except Maou understand Chiho’s feelings for him (Urushihara: “Aren’t you forgetting that there’d be a different kind of tension in the air?” if Suzuno would work at MgRonald’s with Maou and Chiho, and Yusa commenting to Chiho, “Why don’t you stop using us as an excuse and go straight for him instead?”).

Because Maou is so oblivious, I find the one-on-one interaction between him and Chiho in this episode really touching.  What’s especially interesting is the fact that they bring up the fact that Maou and the others are demons, and the Chiho doesn’t care that much because she was in love with him before she found that out.  It will be interesting to see what Maou ultimately does with this information.  The flow from the slightly more comedic feel of the anime into this serious exchange is handled well and not at all awkward.  And, for those who prefer the comedy, it comes full circle when Suzuno shows up to interrupt their conversation and Chiho promptly overreacts and flees at top speed.

There are so many hints that Suzuno is the inquisitor from a couple of episodes back that it isn’t even funny.  When Maou asks her why she’s interrogating him, I was just waiting for her to slip up and say something.  Lo and behold, in the following scene, she reveals to Yusa that she is indeed the “Chief Interrogator for the Church’s Investigation Commission” and that her real name is Christia Bell.

And Sentucky Fried Chicken’s manager…is James from Pokémon…only shorter.  But seriously, he is.  I promise.  Just look at him!

Because he’s wearing sunglasses to hide his eyes, I’m pretty sure he’s the guy who attacked Yusa at the end of the previous episode.  Which means he’s probably from Ente Isla.  That would explain his discussion with Maou better, too; pointing out that Maou is a humane person, among other things, would in fact be a criticism rather than simply an observation.  Hopefully Ashiya will figure that out in the next episode, since he’s been sent to spy on Sentucky Fried Chicken.

As a side note, aren’t you loving all the pseudo-product placement?  MgRonald’s, Sentucky Fried Chicken, Moonbucks Coffee…great stuff.