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Lots of character development, answering a question or two, and introducing a few more questions in this episode.

I am a huge fan of Emerada’s solution to Emilia replenishing her sacred powers.  Now all the main characters can use their awesomeness whenever they want.  Emilia simply has to drink two bottles (wow, that’s a lot) of “Holy Vitamin Beta” a day, and Maou and the other demons just need to scare a bunch of people.  (Sure, the demons’ solution isn’t perfect, but it works, right?)  I’m really curious as to how Emerada sent the vitamins to Emilia so easily and quickly, though.  If transporting things between the two worlds is so easy, why hadn’t they done that sort of thing before?

So, Kamazuki Suzuno, a.k.a. staircase girl, a.k.a. new neighbor chick, is super formal (and apparently super strong, as well).  Suzuno proves to be useful in Maou’s apartment, somehow convincing (perhaps forcing) Urushihara to cook and do laundry.  I’m almost positive she’s the inquisitor from the previous episode, based on her eyes and the way she acts around Yusa/Emilia.  It’s unclear, though, whether she knows that Maou and his roommates are demons, let alone Satan and two of his generals.

Another question that comes to mind in this episode is how is Emerada able to call Yusa/Emilia on her cell phone from another world?  It’s cool and all, but how is it possible?  Before, even trying to find her was impossible for her comrades, but now it’s as easy as calling her up on her cell phone?

Ah, well, even if it’s not exactly explained, it serves as a nice plot device for getting information to the main characters.  The fact that Emerada mentioned that people might come looking for Emilia and might cause problems in Japan is probably foreshadowing of future events.  Probably.

It’s also exciting that there’s a new assassin showing up already.  And one with a death scythe, to boot.  At first, I thought it might just be Urushihara/Lucifer in disguise, but after Emilia mentions that this new assassin has abilities she’s never encountered before is interesting and points to a new character.  Who will it be?  Hataraku Maou-sama! definitely knows how to keep its viewers hooked!

One final question I have for this episode is what exactly are Suzuno’s feelings toward Maou?  If she’s the inquisitor, like I’ve guessed, it seems strange for her to have made him a bento with a heart shape in it, doesn’t it?  If she’s the inquisitor, she really shouldn’t be interested in romantically pursuing him, unless she has absolutely no idea who he really is.  Perhaps she just thinks that’s how all bento lunches are designed…maybe…

Anyway, there are definitely some interesting events unfolding!  As usual, I’m looking forward to the next episode!