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The latest episode of Hataraku Maou-sama! brings us hikikomori, haunted schools, and the Inquisition!

I love how this anime has scenes that appear to be about Maou being evil, but they always turn out to be about him doing some mundane, everyday task, like the opening scene of this episode.  It’s amazing how dangerous and cruel he can seem when he’s simply talking about food or something similar.

Looks like Lucifer (a.k.a. Urushihara now) is wasting money on online shopping (which is just hilarious).  It’s also interesting that he’s so adept at using a computer when Maou and Ashiya are apparently useless at it.  It looks like, aside from the whole attempting to assassinate Maou and Yusa thing, Lucifer coming to this world was a stroke of luck.  His appearance helped Maou figure out how to regain power (even if it was for only a brief time) and his computer skills are helping Maou and Ashiya gain more information about magic in this world.

I love the assumption Chiho’s classmate makes about Maou and Ashiya, since they live in a tiny apartment together with only one bed.  Great shout out to yaoi fans out there, even if it’s an implicit shout out.

Things seem to be much easier now that Chiho knows Maou’s secret of being a demon.  It helps that she seems perfectly fine with hanging out with a couple of demons and a half angel.  Anyway, the majority of this episode wouldn’t have even been possible without Chiho’s help getting them into the school and giving them information.  (Not that this information led to anything really helpful, but that’s beside the point.)

This inquisitor is intriguing.  Obviously, she’s supposed to bring up thoughts of the Inquisition.  I would venture to guess that she’s the newcomer to Maou’s apartment complex, especially since there was a shot of her watching while Maou and the others explore the school.  I’m interested to see how she will play into the story in the future.

Quick question, though, that really has nothing to do with the plot: how the heck did Urushihara (Lucifer) get his hands on a handheld game console in the first place, anyway?  Just curious about that.