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New pilots can be either shy or divas.  In Majestic Prince's case, they decided to go with both.

After its week off - some recap episode that never got subbed as the result of that - Majestic Prince is back and finally introducing a character we've seen but not heard from.  Previous appearance by this pilot suggested an ace out to get Team Rabbits, because so few rarely come hat-in-hand and full of admiration.  The character we got was......kind of like that.

Kuroki Ange is definitely an oddball character.  Usually not a problem for Majestic Prince and its cast of weirdoes but even so, there's something about this character that's off-putting.  For one we don't know whether Ange is a he or she, but that's actually a well-done gag that I welcome.  It's further proof of the series' ability to inject comedy in doses without reverting back to the styles of episode one and two.  The truly off-putting part of this character is the wild bipolar (presumably) personality he/she brings to the table.

For now it's a little strange.  It looks like Ange changes personality quite drastically when it comes to battle and even more when the harmonic level rises, so a full explanation may not be far off.  If that's the case, it'll be interesting to see what this character's introduction will do to the story.  Especially when it comes to the AHSMB synchronisation part of the plot that's only touched upon once in a while.  In the mean time, everyone is welcome to be a little unsettled like I was watching this character go to the extreme.

The second half is already under way and with plenty of questions to be answered.  With the start of the second half of Majestic Princes also comes a new OP and a new ED with a song performed by the two female leads.  As usual both the new OP and ED didn't live up to the first ones, but that was to be expected.

Majestic Prince OP 2

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Majestic Prince ED 2

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Majestic Prince Episode 14 Preview

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