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This would be the time we remember when Majestic Prince looked like it was going to be a parody style comedy.  Not a bad halfway filler episode if I do say so.

There's not much, if anything, to be said here.  It was a fun episode to kill time and to give us another break from the action, with Tamaki and Kei taking lead.  In fact, this episode was centred around them, with a minor focus on Asagi's date and just snippets for Suruga and the main character Izuru, who were silent for the entire episode. What parts of this episode people would have liked would depend on the individual.

For all the Tamaki and Kei fans, it must have been very enjoyable to see so much cosplay.  For me it was the close-ups to Suruga as he quietly stared into space to give me a chuckle just for its randomness.  That was the funniest part for me, and all the other parts were fun too.  Even the fake advertising was a nice touch, to give this a real old-school feel.

That said, Asagi ended up as the sole bearer of the more serious plot.  His section of the episode wasn't exactly serious but it didn't have any attempts at comedy.  Just a slice-of-life type filler, with a dash more depth than everything else in this episode.  Not much whatsoever, but it felt right given Asagi's character given that he's the least comic relief character in Majestic Prince.

Next episode will bring us back to the plot and finally introduce us to the "Aloof Ace" we've only seen for snippets in earlier episodes.  How that will impact the story should be interesting, and definitely give Majestic Prince a bit of a change-up it could make use of.

Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince Episode 13

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