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I guess it was that time of the season where the sci-fi series do their information dump episodes.  At least Majestic Prince's wasn't all that unexpected.

Going back to what I said last week: Team Rabbits just can't catch a break.  Be it current problems, or long-standing problems affecting humanity, they always end up in unfavourable situations.  An ongoing trend for them, that doesn't look it'll stop any time soon.  This week them getting screwed comes in the form of obtaining classified information which, as Kei points out, gives meaning to team name Rabbits.

Big reveal: Wulgaru are a deteriorating race who spread their DNA everywhere in the hopes of cultivating new species to aid in their restoration.  Very simple, very sci-fi and something you'd expect from Majestic Prince.  The series may be more complex than it lets on, but when it comes to the sci-fi plot it has retained its right to be straightforward.  As I said, the reveal is not surprising and has been a part of the genre for years.  We've even seen it in recent anime, including the ongoing Suisei no Gargantia.

Anyhow, the reveal wasn't so much the cornerstone of the episode; it was the person doing the reveal.  Theoria's entry into Majestic Prince brings with it some complications for relationships.  Not unexpectedly, that's mostly focused around Kei and to some extent Asagi.  We learn in this episode that the two of them have the lowest scores in the AHSMB development - believe me, I was surprised about Tamaki being second best - and the reason for that seems to be their feelings.  Interestingly enough, this development also makes sense of Tamaki and Suruga being the horny teens they are and I have to say, I'm liking it.  Sure there might be a hint of silliness to the way their emotions are being made into important, plot-deciding factors but at least it makes the romantic subplot more prevalent.

How ever the subplot will be handled remains to be seen, since the purpose of the episode was to build up for the next battle.  The hunter-hunted episode theme was carried out well and acted as a nice little buffer before the next battle Majestic Prince is about to enter.  Things are unwinding at a slow pace with little mystery left, so we can expect plenty of action and romance to fill up the episodes.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 11 Preview

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