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Wow.  That was certainly a heavy episode of Majestic Prince.

It's interesting how much the series has evolved in just the nine episodes.  After making us believe it was a goofy spoof of the mecha/superhero genre and nothing more, Majestic Prince has developed an increasingly complex plot.  An evolution that has brought with it some fantastic character development, not to mention interesting twists and turns in the plot.  Just how far does the rabbit hole go?

One element of the series that hasn't changed: Team Rabbits always gets the short end of the stick.  A group of characters already burdened by the world's expectations and forgotten pasts can't catch a break.  Each episode presents them with a new dilemma and in this episode they get quite a whopper.  What's noticeable here is how the development affects the plot in multiple ways.

First of all, it clarifies the direction of the story we can expect from Majestic Prince for at least the next few episodes.  So far the story has been focused on the getting Team Rabbits ready to fight an unknown enemy, and now it's become a war between species.  Not just a war at that, but a political one against a species the general public have no idea about.  Then when you consider the revelation about the origins of the AHSMB mechs piloted by the main crew, it makes the war that much more political.

Then there's the increased burden on our main characters, but that's just the ongoing plot in the story.  The bigger part of the plot that developed in this episode was of a romantic nature.  A subplot that's been hinted at in past episodes, jokingly for the most part, is also becoming a more serious element of Majestic Prince.

Based on the events of the episode, it's safe to assume Kei has eyes for Izuru.  The dimwitted main character is facing was facing his own personal crisis, so it's understandable if he comes across as the dimwitted male character I tend to hate.  With his past being the subjective of our attention more than anyone else's, makes it easier to forgive his ignorance to the feelings of a fellow pilot.  Also, it's Theoria's appearance that really throws a monkey wrench into Keis' love life and draws attention at Izuru's possible new "old" crush.

How ever the romantic part of the story unfolds, it's nice to see it being treated with same demeanour as the main plot.  I'm sure many viewers are favouring the loveable Kei since she's been there for Izuru in times of personal crisis, and I too like the idea of them as a couple.  Although, I'm interested to see what Theoria brings to the table for both romance and overall plot.  Her being a Wulgaru makes things more interesting and is the reason the romantic subplot of Majestic Prince has been put in a more serious spotlight.  For those who miss the more comedic romance, don't worry.  Tamaki and Suruga still you have covered with silliness and that goes double for the boy-hungry Tamaki.

Things are getting interesting.  It'll be nice to see how much focus is given to the romance in respect to the rest of plot and also how both these plots develop.  Perhaps the best part of the episode was the sombre light in which everything was presented.  I'd certainly welcome more episodes like this one.

Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince Episode 10 Preview

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