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It comes as a bit of a surprise that in the space of 6 episodes, Majestic Prince managed to sneak in two episodes that branch away from the main story for a short period of time.

In a similar manner to episode three, what we saw here was another breather episode of sorts.  Focusing solely on our main crew and putting the main story to the side, we got a slow and practically uneventful episode of Majestic Prince.  Not what you'd expect so early on in the series but if there's one thing Majestic Prince keeps doing, it's changing the tone like a yoyo from episode to episode.

Certainly not a bad episode.  The crew had spent about 10 minutes in school before they were pulled out and forced into action, so to say there were some loose ends would be stating the obvious.  Add in the early indicators of light bullying, and it became an important part of the story to resolve before we see any more progress.  Since Majestic Prince ended with a shot of new characters, it feels right to solve things and bring the first arc of the story to a happy end.

Asagi unexpectedly ended up at the centre of everything.  A character that's been more of a comedic presence in the form of a weak stomach, he's been lagging behind everyone for quite some time.  At this moment I if his problems are more serious than they appear and that continues to be something that's kept in the background for the time being.  His problems did become more visible in the episode, although most of it revolved around the memories of the crew's early days.

Again, this is something to fill in the gaps since Majestic Prince started off by throwing them into the fray.  At the end it would provide some nice closure in the form of recognition from the others, and in the meantime it was a nice look at how the relationships between the crew developed.  Relationships continue to be an important but understated part of the series, so I'm all for some additional focus on them with episodes like these.

To be honest, not an exciting episode by any measure.  There was a lot of dialogue, and character focus with any new developments coming at the end in the form of a sneak peek at the next episode.  I could also mention the second appearance of a potential rival, though much like the teaser on what's to come next, its significance remains very unknown.

Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince Episode 07 Preview

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