Ghost in the Shell Arise LogoThe next slice of the Ghost in the Shell called Ghost in the Shell: Arise is premiering on June 22nd, 2013. I don't think we've reviewed any of the GitS series of shows or the movies, but I personally have seen all of them. I enjoyed the shows a lot. The Stand Alone Complex series always had 2 split stories; one main story like the Laughing Man (the first Stand Alone Complex) or the Individual Eleven (Stand Alone Complex 2nd gig), and then a series of somewhat independent one or two episode stories.

Ghost in the Shell (the film) which sparked this all came out on October 18, 1995 which was an adaptation of a manga in the same name which started in May, 1989 (funnily enough the year I was born). And now the franchise lives on having made numerous movies and TV series.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise will start with the episode titled "border:1 Ghost Pain" and will be a double length episode of roughly 50 minutes and happens in the year A.D. 2027 and is presented by Production I.G. The show seems to be an alternate era with the same characters, much like how the original movies and the Stand Alone Complex are similar yet different. There will also be a pay-per-view streaming service for the show, so I would assume it won't be airing in the western hemisphere on Crunchyroll.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of what is to come, showing that Kusanagi Motoko is now heavily Cyborg and generally shows us scenes of what you would expect in a Ghost in the Shell series.

I myself am not super excited about the show right now (actually maybe I am a little bit), I feel like it is being milked for its success however that is my opinion. I plan to be reviewing it (unless Rasul catches up by watching all of the previous seasons) nevertheless.

I will keep everyone informed as we get more information on the upcoming Ghost in the Shell series.

Check out the trailer:

Source: Kokaku-A