Fairy Tail Poster - Bring it on!

Have you ever thought that every experience in your life has changed you in one way or another I have been always influenced by movies, tv series and anime. But the most recent anime to influence me is Fairy Tail.

I found it interesting how the people behind Fairy Tail portray a strong sense of friendship and manage to show when people put their heads together anything can be possible. Sure people in reality don't have magic, but if you remove the superpower and magic then you see the friendship and trust between the characters. There is a feeling of family even though they are not bonded by blood. Even though the characters are super powerful, they do have to work hard and they don't give up. Giving up is something I've done a lot in life, looking at my past and this blog. I've given up time and time again, but that won't get you anywhere will it I think that Fairy Tail shows me the determination, conviction and hard work that I need to do in life. Running away from things can be easy, but the hardest part is facing your problems and fixing them.

This also means I will be trying my hardest to keep this blog alive, and putting more time to give the reader better quality posts and also something enjoyable to read in the future. So keep tuned...