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The penultimate episode of Diabolik Lovers attempts to explain why Cordelia came back to life.

Unfortunately, this series continues to fail in its attempts to explain things.  She may have come back to life because she loves Karl Heinz, or perhaps to take revenge on him, or perhaps simply because she was bored?  It’s really unclear.

What is clear is that everyone in this family is simply out for themselves.  Cordelia wants to alleviate her boredom, Richter wants to be head of the family, and the Sakamaki brothers want Yui, and they’re all willing to kill (literally) to get what they want.

One somewhat frustrating aspect of this anime is the fact that the other two mothers of the Sakamaki brothers (Beatrix and Subaru’s mother, who hasn’t been named in the anime) keep being mentioned or hinted at, but we really don’t find out anything about them.  I understand that there’s a limited amount of time with which to address these characters in detail; however, the first half of this anime had only the most basic of plots (fish-out-of-water girl ends up as a snack for the six brothers she finds herself living with), and could have instead focused much more on some of the backstory to these characters.

The sword fight between Richter and Ayato seems somewhat out of place.  This kind of action doesn’t really fit the feel of the rest of the anime.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty cool scene, but it sort of came out of left field, especially when most of the “action” in Diabolik Lovers has been focused on the boys getting their hands on Yui and sucking her blood.

Lastly, Yui’s “sacrifice” would be cool and all if it actually did anything.  But it seems that even in attempting suicide, she can’t get her own way.  She seriously has zero voice and zero agency.  No matter how many times she protests, she’s ignored.  And the few times she’s actually tried to do anything to change her situation, she’s either stopped or her attempts are simply futile.  I’m pretty sure Yui is the most useless main character I’ve ever come across.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 12 Preview

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