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As expected, it seems that Yui herself has served no purpose in Diabolik Lovers other than to be a vessel for Cordelia.

This episode brings up a question I’d even forgotten I’d had.  Who is Karl Heinz (other than obviously Richter’s brother and the father of the Sakamaki brothers)?  What part does he play in all of this?  It’s pretty obvious at this point that he won’t be appearing in the anime, with only two episodes left and plenty of other, more pressing matters to deal with.

There’s a bit of explanation of how Cordelia is able to come back through Yui, although it’s only explained in the vaguest of senses.  We know that Richter cut out her heart in the past to preserve her, but it’s not really clear how Yui came to possess that heart.  Was it implanted in her when she was just a baby or something?  Clearly, based on the Sakamaki brothers’ reaction to her blood, it’s been “different” than normal blood ever since she reached their home, so perhaps that assumption is correct.

At this point, there’s a good chance that Ayato feels something for Yui.  Whether or not those feelings are affection or possessiveness is unclear at the moment, but I’m leaning toward the latter.  I’m seriously under the impression that none of the Sakamaki brothers can feel any sort of healthy emotions.

Rather than lament the fact that Yui serves virtually no purpose in this anime other than becoming a vessel for Cordelia, I’d like to discuss my predictions for the end of Diabolik Lovers.  I see this series ending either tragically or with a shoehorned-in happy ending.  A potential tragic ending would be Yui/Cordelia being killed by one of the brothers.  Of course, this would only be tragic for Yui who, as I mentioned, has served a purpose of being merely a piece of meat in this anime.  A shoehorned-in happy ending (and I say this because, honestly, there hasn’t been much about this anime that has been happy) would be something like Ayato (or maybe Subaru) figuring out a way to free Yui from Cordelia’s control and Yui being so grateful that she gives herself to him.  I find this latter potential ending highly unlikely because a) Cordelia is now fully awakened, and b) Yui giving herself to Ayato after ten episodes of saying “no” every time she’s been accosted and bitten would make absolutely no sense.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 11 Preview

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