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While this episode of Diabolik Lovers gives us slightly more backstory to the Sakamaki brothers, it ends in another boring blood-sucking scene.

It seemed as though this episode was going to offer some plot development, but instead we just get some more mysterious backstory.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to contextualize the Sakamaki brothers’ personalities, so backstory is important for that.  What’s also important, though, is making the female lead and interesting character, which she isn’t at this point.  It seemed like Yui might finally get some characterization, but unfortunately, she doesn’t.

It’s getting really old for all of these episodes to culminate in Yui getting her blood drained by one or more of the brothers.  It was bearable for the first few episodes, but now it’s just boring.  Until something different happens when they’re drinking her blood, until some plot development occurs during one of these scenes, they’re just going to keep being old hat at this point.  They’re all the same: Yui thinks she’s friends with the brothers (or at least on amiable terms with them), until one (or more) of them mentions wanting to drink her blood, at which point she puts up a feeble resistance, only to fall prey to him (or them) once again.

This might be a fine type of scene to replay over and over in an otome game, but it just doesn’t work in an anime.  Things have to change, or be at least a bit different, or else it gets boring.  And, in my opinion, Diabolik Lovers is pretty boring at this point.  The flashback/dream sequence/whatever you want to call it in this episode is interesting, but that’s about it.  When three or more minutes per episode are spent on the same old blood-sucking scene, that takes away literally a third of each episode (including the opening and closing songs) that could be spent on either plot or giving Yui some more characterization rather than leaving her as a boring blank slate.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 8 Preview

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