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It’s a wonder Yui is still alive, as every day it seems another brother or two decides to have a taste of her.

All right, that statement may be a bit of an exaggeration.  However, the inconsistency it points out isn’t exaggerated.  Yui is being bitten at least once in every episode, and often times we don’t see the end of each blood drinking session, so it’s impossible to know just how much blood she’s losing during each one.  She should, at the very least, be anemic by now.  An attempt to be at least a little bit realistic would be nice.

Diabolik Lovers continues its sadistic reverse-harem streak in this episode.  Yui gets passed around between the brothers like a new toy or something, her protests unheeded.  Thus far, Subaru is the only Sakamaki brother who hasn’t sunk his teeth into her.  It gets even more sadistic when both Kanato and Reiji assert that they’ve killed their own mothers (although it’s unclear if Kanato has actually done this or if he’s just saying so to get a rise out of Yui).

While the sadism persists, there are also hints at some character development in this episode, however brief they might be.  Reiji has a full blown flashback, like several of his brothers before him when in contact with Yui, and both he and Kanato mention that she smells or tastes familiar.  In fact, almost all of the brothers that have tasted her have said something to this effect or been shocked at her taste.  This is definitely a running plot point that will hopefully be explained relatively soon.

The seventh vampire introduced in the previous episode gets a name in this episode of Diabolik Lovers: Richter.  He is apparently the Sakamaki brothers’ uncle.  Subaru doesn’t seem to like him (but, honestly, Subaru doesn’t seem to like anybody).  Richter is definitely a character in need of more explanation, not to mention the cryptic message he gives Subaru in this episode.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 6 Preview

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