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I guess I was wrong, assuming this would be another episode focusing on Shu.  Instead, we get an episode focusing on Raito.  And what an episode.

First of all, I’m utterly shocked that Kanato doesn’t bite Yui in this episode of Diabolik Lovers.  His completely sadistic personality (which he voices more than any of his brothers, in my opinion) led me to believe he would bite her the first chance he got.  But his chance comes and goes and Yui is safe.

Until she runs into Raito on the roof.

For the first time, Yui actually shows some backbone and really fights back against one of the Sakamaki brothers.  I’m not saying that she hasn’t made her dissatisfaction with her situation known before; she’s told them to stop pretty much every time they’ve bitten her, after all.  But this is the first time she’s physically fought back against one of them.  She physically pushes him off of her twice during this episode and emphatically argues with him about what he plans to do to her.

On top of all of this, we get a bombshell (or perhaps not so much, if you’ve played the otome game): according to Raito, Yui was given to the Sakamaki brothers as a sacrifice by the church.  This, then, would imply that her adoptive father knowingly handed her over to a group of vampires.  Just ponder that for a little while.

Finally, we get a glimpse of a seventh vampire during this episode.  He seems physically older than the Sakamaki brothers, with a heavily-lined face.  And he apparently lives in the same house as them, or at least has access to the room in which Yui found her adoptive father’s diary.  Who is he, exactly?  What significance does the bloodied dress hold for him?  Who did the dress belong to?

Diabolik Lovers Episode 5 Preview

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