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Yui continues to face trials while living in the Sakamaki house with the six vampire brothers.

It’s pretty obvious by now that the Sakamaki brothers are representative of the Seven Deadly Sins.  For simplicity’s sake, the following is a list of each brother and which sin they correspond to:
Ayato = greed
Shu = sloth
Raito = lust
Reiji = envy
Subaru = wrath
Kanato = gluttony
I would venture a guess that whoever sired the brothers is representative of the deadly sin of pride.  Since I haven’t played the otome game Diabolik Lovers, I don’t know who their sire is or if this assumption fits him/her, but I’m sure we’ll see in the future.

It seems as though Yui is causing each of the brothers to have flashbacks periodically simply by being around.  These flashbacks have been very short, though, and lack any substance that might really tell us what they’re about (at this point, anyway).  So far, Ayato and Shu have both had flashbacks that, one can only hope, will make more sense as the anime goes on and we get more plot development.

Personally, I’m pretty bummed out that the only part of the game of darts between Ayato and Shu that we get to see is Shu’s last shot.  Seeing the entire game could have definitely given us more insight not only into the two of them, but also Raito and Reiji, who both watch, and potentially Yui herself.  What exactly does it mean now that Yui apparently “belongs” to Shu, now?

Based on the flow of this series so far, I would venture to guess that the next episode will focus on Shu and Yui.  The first two episodes were (sort of) focused on Ayato and Yui, and the fact that Shu “wins” Yui at the end of this episode seems to play into this emerging two-episodes-per-brother formula.  Obviously, this could be wrong, but it would make sense considering that there are six brothers and twelve episodes.  However, if Diabolik Lovers continues to follow this pattern, the likelihood of decent plot development is slim.  There’s only so much story that can be told while we’re getting to know the characters’ backgrounds, after all.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 4 Preview

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