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These two episode have clearly outlined the strong and weak points of Devil Survivor 2.  Hence my delayed review.

After watching the second episode, I decided to hold off on the third.  The reason being, the second episode was painfully boring to watch and almost impossible to remember.  Two re-watches did nothing to help with that, making me question my decision to carry on watching, much less blogging Devil Survivor 2.

It's not good news when you don't remember much of the episode.  It's even worse news when you can't see much point to the episode.  Plenty of explanations were given and a little dash of action was thrown in just to stop the younger audience - my speculation at work here - from dropping the series.

The episode completely halts the face pace the first episode set and proceeds to explain little details which just didn't register.  Assuming this a one-off episode which Devil Survivor 2 needed in order to not fill in the gaps later, I decided to look past it and move onto the next episode.
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At least episode three reminded me of Devil Survivor 2's good points.

I've already mentioned, this will be a series that's good, fun to watch but not great.  There's nothing out of the ordinary here or unique and that's okay.  Sometimes watching a series that follows a formula, with predictable events is more than okay by me.

Episode three picks the pace back up and takes the story to Osaka.  There we're introduced to Keita and Hinako, two new characters out of many to come.  Immediately we're thrown back into the fast pace we saw in the first episode, with the group being given a case to quickly resolve.  Because of the pace, no extraordinary plot twists or developments take place and it's resolved within the episode.

Possibly the best part of the episode was all the fun to be had with the summoned creatures.  Proof that Devil Survivor 2 can be fun to watch when it's focusing on the showdowns between summoners and the like.  Even Keita's death wasn't all that exciting - in hindsight, an obvious death flag - yet it does mean that sometimes the software will be right and the crew won't be able to save everyone.

Looks like the story continues to move at supersonic speed, as the next enemy makes their way at the end of the episode.  The next episode looks like quite a dramatic development, so hopefully that means lots of fighting and action.

Devil Survivor 2 THE ANIMATION Episode 04 Preview

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