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I’ve been waiting for a good fight scene between magical girls, and Date A Live finally delivers.

This episode begins with a good 6-minute epic battle between Kotori and Kurumi.  Kotori seems to be the only person, human or Spirit, who can hold her own against Kurumi.  My only question is how many people is Kurumi going to have to eat to recoup the life force she used up during this battle?

Okay, so I get that Shido wants to save everybody because he’s ridiculous like that.  But Kurumi almost killed both of his sisters and wants to freaking eat him and he’s still saving her life?  What’s up with that?  And when he wakes up, why is he so worried about if everyone else is okay, and not worried at all about how the heck he survived?!  I get that he’s a selfless guy, but he should really get his priorities straight.  He can’t save anyone if he’s dead!

This episode brings about a few bombshells, and lots of new questions.  Bombshell number one: Kotori was a human who somehow gained the powers of a Spirit.  She doesn’t remember how or why.  Bombshell number two: Kotori can only control herself for a short while as a Spirit.  Bombshell number three: Kotori will be overtaken by the Spirit powers if Shido doesn’t seal her powers again—that is, take her on a date and kiss her.  His sister.  Sure, they’re only foster siblings, but…still kinda creepy.

Origami is such a manipulative little thing.  “I can’t get back to my room on my own.”  “Carry me.”  “Peel it.”  “Feed me.”  The scenes with her and Shido in this episode are like something out of a freaking hentai.  Once again, Date A Live reminds us that one of the genres it fits into is ecchi.

And finally, the last bombshell of the episode: when Kotori first became a Spirit, she killed Origami’s parents.  And Origami plans to kill that Spirit (Efreet) in revenge.  Well…this should definitely bring interesting events in the future.  At least we know why Origami hates Spirits so much now (if you didn’t already figure this out before).

With only two episodes left, I’m wondering how Date A Live is going to wrap all of this up.  It’s obvious that the next episode will be focused on trying to save Kotori.  The next episode looks like it’s going to be a beach episode (or something similar, with all the main characters in swim suits at some sort of water park), so it doesn’t seem like Kurumi is going to show up.  Or who knows, maybe she will?  But if she doesn’t, that only leaves one episode to deal with Kurumi, and I’m not convinced that’ll be enough time to do that and sufficiently explain all that needs yet to be explained.

There are so many questions left to answer.  How (and why, for that matter) did Kotori become a Spirit?  Is it possible that all Spirits were human at one point?  If not, where do the other Spirits come from and why do they come to Earth?  How and why is Shido able to seal the powers of Spirits by kissing them?  I’m not sure all of these questions will be able to be answered in only two more episodes.