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Hot springs episode, go!  ...or…the episode in which crazy things happen on the way to the hot springs.  Or…the episode in which the most ridiculous situations show up that cause everyone to fight everything around them.

Unfortunately, the AST decide to go to the same hot springs as Shido and the Spirits, which leads to problems when the Fraxinus crew gets involved.  When Lieutenant “Bad Marriage” becomes acting commander of Fraxinus, you just know crazy is going to ensue.  Cue the construction, bridge collapse, and stampede of raging bulls to hinder the AST's attempts to reach the hot springs.  And, of course, the AST respond in an equally ridiculous manner by acting as though this whole thing is a mission of some kind and beginning to blow up walls, among other things.

Once again, I point out that the AST, and now the Fraxinus crew as well, cause far more destruction than any of the Spirits have to date (at least on screen).  Why exactly does the government keep sending in the AST to deal with these things?  On top of that, who exactly does the Fraxinus crew work for?  Where do they get their funding?

Throughout this episode, Date A Live continues its trend of being completely silly and ridiculous, taking things to levels that make absolutely no sense.  For example, apparently the Fraxinus crew has set up “Date Towns” where they’re in control of virtually everything (so at least the AST don’t end up ruining any really important property belonging to innocent civilians or anything).  Likewise, the AST (who don’t know that this “Date Town” is a place free of innocent civilians) clearly have no qualms destroying property to get what they want (which, in this episode, is simply to get to a hot springs).

Gotta say, though, I’m a huge fan of the background music that plays whenever Tohka transformed into her “Princess” form.  Wonderful musical choice.  It definitely makes those transformations better (at least for me).  And at least Shido didn’t die in this episode.

This episode was basically a comedic interlude in which nothing of any real consequence happens, nothing super important is introduced, and no new Spirits show up.  No holds are barred as the AST are attacked by mechanized foodstuffs (and in case you forgot this is an ecchi anime, tied up in erotic poses by noodles and other foodstuffs) while they fight their way through Date Town in order to achieve relaxation.

While it was nice to have a purely comedic episode that means nothing to the overall plot, I hope the next episode introduces a new Spirit or otherwise advances the plot in some way.