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Wow.  I don’t even know where to start with this episode.

How many possible “guy-seeing-the-girl-naked” jokes can possibly fit into 10 minutes?  Well, this episode answers that question: a lot.  Granted, they stop being funny after…well…the first one.  But that doesn’t mean Date A Live won’t keep ‘em rolling.

Honestly, I’m not sure why Shido being calm and collected while seeing girls naked is so important to his “training.”  How is this going to help him make girls fall in love with him?  Why is his little sister so intent on basically making him into a pervert?

Furthermore, with the appearance of the Hermit spirit, I have another question.  If Kotori and the others know that Shido can make these Spirits fall in love with him and seal away their Spirit powers without damaging any property or causing any real problems, why the heck do they keep sending the ASTs out to engage them in battle?  How much logical sense does that make?  I mean, I get that apparently it’s a plot point (although I can’t figure out why), but seriously.  Shido getting these girls to fall for him is a much safer and less expensive way to deal with them, isn’t it?  However, I suppose Tobiichi Origami needs something to do when she isn’t being a kuudere or killing Shido.

One aspect of this show that I hope gets a bit more exploration is the trio of girls at the school who are constantly commenting on everything and gossiping (often about Shido’s perceived romantic life, according to them).  I’m wondering if they’ll get any further characterization other than just the three gossipers, or if they’ll get a more active role in the anime as it progresses.

Predictably, Tohka’s powers aren’t gone for good.  They can manifest when she becomes stressed or over excited or angry.  And, of course, since she fell in love with Shido (like Kotori and her group wanted her to), she’s not exactly excited about Shido trying to make other Spirits fall for him.

I guess we can see where the rest of this show is going to go.  Spirits fighting each other for the affections of a boy caught in the middle because of his crazy little sister who’s trying to turn him into a pervert.

……is it the end of the season yet?