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Even the background stories for the characters are quite creepy.  Nothing less from Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge.

We're close to the end of Crime Edge and as one might expect, the series is setting us up for a final creepy showdown.  As such, this episode was dedicated entirely to building up to the last battle - it's doubtful we'll see any more, with only two episodes left - between Kiri and Emily Redhands.  For that reason, we get a little insight into Emily's earlier life.

No surprises that her relationship with Iwai's father was the way it was.  All the relationships in Crime Edge, loving or not, have are twisted in one way or another.  You can say that Kiri and Iwai's love is pure but you definitely can't deny that it's downright creepy at times, which makes the relationship between Iwai's father and Emily all the more convincing for the series.  That, and every loli killer's need for a bizarre past to explain the killing tendencies.

Ignoring Emily for a second, this was the first episode in which Iwai wasn't present.  A few appearances aside, she didn't have any type of presence which lead the way for Yamane to take centre stage, even if just for a second. Interesting that Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge finally gave us an alternative to the Kiri x Iwai coupling that it's been pushing since the beginning so late in the game.  Yamane is - taking a guess here - the more popular Byouinzaka, and her fans should have been happy and/or creeped out by the simulated sex scene with her and Kiri.  Again, completely normal and not surprising this late into the series.  As fan service goes, it's what I'd expect from Crime Edge and I'll admit it's nice to see another girl get the limelight.

With the impending fight, there's still some mystery left in the series.  Iwai's got her hands full with mysterious research and Kiri has his own things to deal with as he tries to get closer to his Killing Goods' original author after an explanation from Yamane.  Factoring in Nigi's conveniently missed factoid, and we've got a little mystery for all parties concerned.  Hard to say what each one will be like, and whether they'll have the impact that we've been lead to expect thanks to this episode.  An unfortunate situation would be for them to have no real necessity and merely a little bit extra info for the series.

Next week we should see an interesting showdown in Wonderland - Kiri's words, not mine - and potentially bring the fighting portion of the series to an end.  If that's the case, let's hope Crime Edge executes its last fight scenes without any hiccups and gives us an appropriate last episode.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 12 Preview

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