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Episodes like this really make you wonder what on earth the author of Crime Edge was thinking about.  It's beyond me!

I find it strange that in one season, we have to bizarre anime focusing on the dark, uncharted waters of the human psyche.  Aku no Hana seems to be the one taking all the heat and attention, but Crime Edge doesn't fall short in making me feel uncomfortable.  In fact, the only thing separating these two series is that the latter has some lighter moments throughout each episode. So far, this is the darkest episode of Crime Edge.  A realisation that came with the introduction of the new Author and Instead; a master and slave duo, who more than border on the sexually charged teenagers with fetishes.  Disturbing fetishes and kinks may be a part of the series - something I've come to expect from Crime Edge - but even I was taken aback by the new characters.  So far we've had some unsettling scenes, but this episode squeezed out a few more than usual.

Following the introduction, we plunged further into the darkness of the series.  The vice president didn't waste any time in making her move, hence pushing along the death game part of the series.  You just knew the second she got into the boat with Iwai, things weren't going to end well but instead take a turn into darker territory.  At the end of the episode, it really felt like Crime Edge was gearing up for some more action/horror focus - the attempted rape scene and the reappearance of an author we met for a second sealed the deal.  Now it remains to be seen how long an arc we can expect from the series with the focus being on the death games.

Amidst all the discomfort gained from multiple parts of the episode, Crime Edge continued to sneak in some romantic development.  Kiri and Iwai's relationship remains the main attraction, though some of the other side characters are getting their moments.  In this episode's case it was Nigi x Naruto, the childhood friends.  Meanwhile, Kashiko remains as a hopelessly in love and out of the picture character.

Still good, but even more uncomfortable.  This upcoming arc is where Crime Edge will have to show what its capable of, since its forte is not action but the atmosphere it creates with each fight.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 06 Preview

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