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After three weeks of being undecided, I've come to a conclusion about Crime Edge.  Not a clear conclusion but that doesn't seem to be likely, even in the long run.

The short answer is: I'll continue to watch and (probably) write about Crime Edge.  After three episodes, my fascination has not waned but instead grown for this series. It's far from perfect, but it does so many things that I love to see in anime, which end up outweighing some of the problems I've had with the series.

Episode three is another decent episode.  The story continues to progress in a calm manner, like an adaptation free from any episode constraints.  What's emerged as the main focus of the series, especially in this episode, is the implied romance between Kiri and Iwai as opposed to the action plot.  In some ways the story is set out like Bakemonogatari, balancing romance and a bizarre fantasy plot, and somehow Crime Edge makes it work.  For all of the positives, what could be wrong with this series?

Well....the fetishism is a little off-putting.  Carrying on from the borderline incestuous needle scene of the previous episode, this episode continues to show us some of the more "kinky" scenes this series has to offer.  I can't tell with certainty whether the butt-naked loli whimpering in an orgasmic manner is more or less of a turn-off than what we saw in the previous episode, but I can understand if it's the main reason many of you would decide to drop Crime Edge.  There is an upside to all of these fetishes; they tend to bring a little comedy to Crime Edge, thus stopping it from being too creepy.

Nevertheless, if you can look past the slightly creepy fetishes then there is still something to this series.  The story is slowly introducing  new characters whilst retaining the Byouinzaka sisters in the supporting roles.  More importantly, the romantic subplot remains endearing, and that's important because Kiri and Iwai's relationship has become the central pillar of the story.  Since there's been a hint for a Battle Royale plot to develop - the OP is a bit of a give away - we'll just have to wait and see what new characters and plot we'll be getting.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 04 Preview

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