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I find it a little funny (and sad) that on Boxing Day, the day I posted my top 12 anime of the year, I find the time to watch and review another episode of Code Breaker.

By now, I hope I've expressed my reasons for watching the series well enough to not have to justify any of its cheesiness and stupidity. If you don't take Code Breaker seriously, it's actually hilarious at times because it's paced and executed like an average modern-day superhero flick.

With that in mind, this episode is that last moment right before the hero reveals the ace in the hole. It only makes sense that we find out Heike is the double agent and at the same time we get the gathering of our superheroes as they take on the main villain for the last time.

At the same time, Sakura's annoying character actually served a purpose here. All that constant bickering at Ogami about the sanctity of human life actually makes sense now that none of the other Code Breakers want to kill anyone. Hardly a subtle way to bring that up, but I much prefer that it has a purpose instead of being a recurring plot without any meaning whatsoever.

Just as it started, the episode ended in a way that resembled the penultimate scene of an average superhero movie. Now all that's left is for Ogami to bring it home with his blind-sided shonen power up that no one would have noticed - it was a ring for crying out loud! That power up is just something you have to accept, otherwise you've watched the rest of the series for nought.

One more episode of Code Breaker left. It actually finished airing a while back but as can imagine, there hasn't been a lot of interest in it and so there's a bit of a delay for the last episode.