Code Breaker is a little up down these past two episodes.

Code Breaker Episode 8

There was something very nauseating about this episode. All that reminiscing the Code Breakers were doing about their time with Hitomi, coupled with Sakura's family bonding just made me cringe. For me it did nothing as a prelude to the rest of the episode.

That beginning was just so cheesy. I couldn't even get past it whilst being fully attentive to the episode. At one point, I'm sure I opened up a game of solitaire just so I couldn't focus on it 100 percent. Just as I thought we were out of the woods, Heike turns out to be evil.

He never came across as evil or like he had the potential to be. It wouldn't have been a terrible turn of events had the writing not been utter crap. Honestly, the way he revealed his loyalty to Hitomi just made me yell "COME ON!" Unfortunately that ended up ruining the action sequences for me.

Obviously Code Breaker is continuing to deviate from the manga. Not surprising and somewhat expected, though I can't imagine fans of the manga tolerating this. One thing I did pick up from this episode: Sakura's adoption will most likely play some big role in the last 4 episodes.

Code Breaker Episode 9

Yay! We actually got a lot of action sequences. Even better, they were quite well done.

The rest of the episode was OK. Pacing wise it was just right, but then again the plot was hardly exciting. Sakura was brought into the story a little more, which is good in some ways, however I still want her to shut her mouth once in while.

Hitomi's quest for justice can be taken out of any novel/manga/anime. I wasn't expecting it to be original, so no real complaints here just some eye-rolling. Seems like whenever Code Breaker deviates from the manga's plot, it does a bad job. These two episodes were some of my least favourite.

Four episodes left to pull it together.