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Eh. Code Breaker's still fine, but these weren't the most exciting episodes.

Code Breaker - 06

Pretty cut and dry.

Not much went on in this episode. We were introduced to the final pretty boy Code Breaker, later revealed to be Rui Hachiouji. The meeting was really brief and there was not much to speak of in terms of what happened. Kind of boring.

The episode didn't get much better. There were moments when there was some interest in the school life parts, but at the end the episode didn't wow or surprise me. It was obvious Heike was a Code Breaker. Aside from being a pretty boy, he had the weird look on his face throughout the moments he was in.

And.....the only other thing I remember is that we finally know what Lost means. Not an inspiring name and an even less inspiring power limit on the Code Breakers.

Code Breaker - 07

When it wants to be, Code Breaker can actually be funny. This episode is proof of that.

Heike really stood out as the clown of the episode, by placing himself on a higher authority. There were also Toki and Yuuki's performances, in particular their Lost forms. Yuuki ended up stealing the episode for me, with his Nyanmaru obsession.

Code: 01 makes an appearance and that means we're actually getting somewhere with the story. It still feels a little too "conspiracy theory movie" although that has always been the case. What Hitomi's appearance did do in a positive way was highlight Sakura's big role in all of this. The role is still unknown but it's nice to at least know she'll do something more than preach at Ogami to stop killing people.

Action sequences in this episode were so-so. There is room for improvement and I do hope Code Breaker takes a step forward with its animation.