There are a lot of changes already complete and coming to the blog!

  • The theme has changed, the new theme is a lot less bland and generally looks better.
  • The posts are now being produced in a more spoiler-friendly format. The front page will no longer have spoilers, well apart from the images on the front page. But the main bulk of the discussions, reviews, etc.. will be only found if you click the post and read the whole post on its post page. This will stop people accidentally letting their eyes wonder and reading something they didn't want to.
  • We have a new author, azeriraz. He made his welcome post here, and is an eager beaver with already having taken the reigns on the following series: Bleach Manga, Naruto Manga, One Piece Manga, Fairy Tail Anime and Busou Shinki Moon Angel (from the Fall Season).
  • We now have an official Facebook Page so check it out.

The following are upcoming changes:

  • We will make an announcement once we have finalised which anime and manga will be covered by which author for the Fall Season releases. Expect nearly half of the fall anime releases to be covered.
  • A new author is in talks to join the site. The new author is a female, and will keep us males in check.
  • A fall manga 2011 preview is in the works, although not high priority at the moment. So might take some time before it is released. Also its pretty hard to find information on the manga, and also aquiring translated copies of the manga releases is harder since more groups prefer to fansub anime rather than manga.
  • Expect more content, especially as we start picking up the fall anime from October the 1st onwards.

If you have any requests don't hesitate to ask in a comment here.

Hope you like the changes to the blog, and expect to see more and more posts in the future!