Log Horizon Season 2 – Episode 7 Review

Unfortunately, we missed episode 6 but we are on for episode 7. It was a decent episode with some pre-battle preparation going on. Although a major lack of Shiroe, whom we haven't really since since the deaths of Akatsuki and Shiroe. No Teachings were Taught I really thought Akatsuki was going to get some super amazing Teaching ability, but low behold she didn't. Or maybe she … [Read more...]

Log Horizon Season 2 – Episode 5 Review

Log Horizon Season 2 - Episode 5  "Christmas Eve" Finally it is going to be Christmas, and Crusty is at Seventh Fall battling the Goblins, Shiroe is out at the Depth of the Palm, and there is a special murderer killing adventurers. What a bloody Christmas Eve with so many of the adventurers dieing, and since they lose their memories it dampens more the spirit. But the … [Read more...]

Log Horizon Season 2 – Episode 1 to 4 Review

Log Horizon Season 2 I really liked season 1, and I am glad to see it continue onto Log Horizon season 2. I started watching Sword Art Online 2 expecting something like a fantasy continuation, but it disappointment me with where it went. However, Log Horizon season 2 has kept me eager to see more. Unfortunately since it has been a while since I had seen season 1, I had somewhat … [Read more...]

One Piece 660 Review – Damn you Donflamingo!

  One Piece 660 is a sad episode, seeing a nation come to its knees because one of the former rulers (who became a Celestial Dragon) returns to take it back. Donflamingo is a really annoying guy. I can't believe he could be this bad. I still remember the first time I saw him a couple hundred episodes back and I don't think I ever expected this, to be honest I expected to … [Read more...]

Sword Art Online Season 2 – Episode 1 to 10 Review

  Sword Art Online Season 2 is the second season of the fantasy trapped-in-a-RPG-game anime, however the twist is that  this one isn't so much RPG but actually more cyberpunk and FPS. I decided to pick it up as I had already seen Season 1 and actually liked it quite a bit, SAO Seaon 1 actually reminds me of Log Horizon. What? Another Season of Sword Art Online? A second … [Read more...]