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I decided to review this anime for the summer because I reviewed Date A Live during the spring season.  I figured hey, I’ve reviewed a harem, so why not try a reverse harem now?  We’ll see where that takes me.  I also find the idea of sibling incest fascinating, and that’s a subject that is practically non-existent in American popular culture.

This episode is light on plot, but that really doesn’t surprise me for the genres Brothers Conflict fits into.  I don’t expect much plot out of harems generally, so I don’t expect it out of reverse harems either.  We meet a girl, Chi, who has recently acquired 13 brothers through her father’s marriage.  This episode introduces most (but not all) of those brothers and learn most of their jobs, which cover a wide range: a monk, a lawyer, a high school idol, a pediatrician, a hairdresser, voice actors, and a handful of students.  There are two brothers (if I counted correctly) that we have yet to meet.

There’s nothing very spectacular about the art aside from the fact that there are plenty of bishonen to look at.  (Unfortunately for Brothers Conflict, I’m fairly certain that Free! will be the fangirls’ choice for their helping of beautiful boys this season, as it already has sites like Tumblr in an uproar.)  The ending song is interesting, though, and worth mentioning.  It features each of the main male characters dancing and singing a love song to their new sister.  This is nothing new to fans of such anime as Uta no Prince-sama, but I still find it fascinating that the time was taken to actually animate such choreographed dances.

While Brothers Conflict doesn’t at first seem to stand out from other reverse harems, I think the fact that all the men vying for the female lead’s attentions are her brothers now gives the show a bit of a twist.  Granted, none of them are blood siblings, but the taboo is still there to some extent.  We’ll see where the anime goes as the season progresses.

My main initial reaction: how the heck am I going to keep 13 different male leads straight?!

Brothers Conflict OP

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Brothers Conflict ED

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