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Azusa’s illness is revealed and tensions between the twins ease a bit as Brothers Conflict continues.

I wasn’t expecting there to be such a serious medical reason for Azusa’s collapse.  Mostly, I was expecting him to be suffering from exhaustion from working too hard and worrying about Tsubaki and Chi, but meningitis is actually a pretty serious thing to have (despite how easily it’s brushed off in this episode).  Meningitis can be life-threatening in many cases and can actually lead to many long-term consequences (deafness or epilepsy, to name a couple) if it’s not treated quickly.  Knowing Azusa’s character, there’s a chance he’s making it much simpler than it really is in order to prevent his siblings from worrying about him.  If his illness is more serious than he lets on, that could explain why Tsubaki “can’t feel him” anymore.

Tsubaki’s “inception” moment is pretty amusing, but also gives us a view into many of his fears and innermost feelings in quick succession.  It adds more to his character (although he’s already one of the characters in this show with the most characterization) and helps us understand why he acts the way he does in relation to his twin’s illness.

It’s nice to see that at least one of the brothers is thinking of Chi’s feelings instead of his own.  Azusa sees not only that some of his other siblings have also fallen in love with Chi, but that Chi clearly doesn’t want any sort of romantic attachment with any of them and just wants to be a family with them.  Of course, even though he obviously understands this, he still wants her; perhaps the only real difference between him and the more aggressive brothers is that he has determined to wait for her answer.

I wish Chi would notice how much Yuusuke is interested in her.  He has a must subtler way of going about expressing his feelings than his other brothers, and seems to actually care about the taboo of sibling romance (even if they’re not blood related).  But it’s obvious (to the viewer, anyway) that he has really deep, genuine feelings for Chi, and it’s worth remembering that he had feelings for her before they became siblings.  I guess we’ll have to see what happens with that in the future.

What could possibly be on the family register that shocks Chi so much?  Can’t wait for the next episode to find out!

Brothers Conflict Episode 9 Preview

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