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A school festival mixes with incestuous passion as Brothers Conflict amps up the pace.  The more various brothers confess feelings for Chi, the more embroiled the conflict becomes.

At the beginning of this episode, the brothers talk about potentially going to the New Caledonia Resort Hotel overseas for summer vacation where Fuuto filmed a commercial.  I have to say, I hope that actually happens (and it definitely should, based on the fact that so much time was spent discussing it and the fact that this anime still needs a hot springs episode).  It would be really interesting to see all of the siblings interacting on a vacation rather than simply around the apartments or at school.

At this point, I can’t tell anymore if Fuuto just really enjoys messing with Chi (and Yuusuke, for that matter), or if he actually has feelings for her.  Regardless of whether or not his feelings are genuine, there’s some good news in this episode that I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for: Chi finally reacts to one of the brothers’ advances rather than simply passively accepting it.  She keeps Fuuto from kissing her and outright tells him that all she wants is for all of them to be a family, which is huge in my opinion.  She’s risking a lot by reacting in this way (although maybe not so much, because there hasn’t particularly been any harmony between the two of them since the moment they met, as Fuuto is so focused on messing with her).

That last point is probably why she doesn’t really react to Tsubaki later in the episode: there is harmony, albeit strained, between the two of them.  Now, it should be pointed out that Tsubaki’s feelings for her create friction between him and Azusa (which was made clear at the end of the last episode), so Chi passively accepting his advances still proves problematic for the family’s harmony.  Somehow I get the feeling that Azusa’s collapse will help to bring him and Tsubaki closer once more and help alleviate the tension between them.

Brothers Conflict Episode 8 Preview

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