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The latest episode of Brothers Conflict turns tension into jealousy as Chi’s presence in the Asahina household is definitely having an impact on all the brothers.

This anime is actually moving a bit faster than I’d anticipated.  I hadn’t expected jealousy to begin building between the brothers for at least a few more episodes.  What I was expecting was for each of the brothers to quietly confess feelings for Chi in private and then, maybe in the last four episodes or so, for the building tension to explode in jealousy and conflict.  But there have already been confrontations between two sets of brothers (Azusa and Tsubaki, and Natsume and Subaru), which is a lot more than I was expecting at this point.

Even though the pacing in that respect is quicker than I anticipated, I have to say the pacing with everything else is still at a good level.  More and more about the siblings is gradually introduced: hints at why Natsume and Subaru have such a strained relationship (hopefully we learn specifics on that later), the relationship between the twins, the feelings of the older brothers like Masaomi and Ukyo, and things about the brothers’ childhood years.  While some of the brothers still don’t really have a ton of characterization yet (Masaomi, Kaname, Hikaru, Iori), we are learning more things about them steadily (except for maybe Kaname, whose characterization so far is “I’m a monk who really wants my little sister”).

While I understand that Chi doesn’t want to shake things up with her new family for various reasons (continuing harmony, the fact that she finally has a family that she didn’t have before, etc.), it’s getting to a point where she’s going to have to start standing up for herself a bit.  Constantly letting various brothers make moves on her and never saying anything about it, either to them or to other siblings, definitely won’t lead to a happy ending.  Tsubaki seems to be under the impression that Chi belongs to him, and Subaru likely thinks the same thing, as well.  Azusa has confessed having feelings for her, Kaname is constantly saying intimate things to her, Natsume seems to be enamored with her even if he won’t say so out loud…soon, her attempts at maintaining harmony are going to backfire and harmony will be completely trampled by jealousy and conflict.

Brothers Conflict Episode 7 Preview

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