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This episode of Brothers Conflict offers more characterization for some of the brothers at a leisurely slice-of-life pace.

It seems like this anime is mostly going to be about focusing on a few brothers each episode to flesh out their characters slowly.  I feel like most of the personalities of the brothers that have been introduced are pretty well spelled out at this point except perhaps that of Iori (the gray-haired one).  I’m sure we can expect little tweaks to their personalities here and there as the show goes on, but at the moment I’m just looking forward to meeting the other two brothers and having all their personalities established.

I have to say, I feel really bad for Yuusuke.  I get the feeling he’s the “main” love interest based on his (tsundere) personality and the fact that he’s in Chi’s class.  It must suck for him to have started having feelings for her and then suddenly become her brother.  It’s also an interesting plot device to be incorporated; he’s the only one of the brothers (that we know of so far, anyway) who had feelings for Chi before she came to live with them.

The next episode proves to be interesting.  I’m looking forward to meeting Natsume and to seeing the friction his presence will cause with Subaru.  The preview also makes me eager to learn more about Louis (especially why he can apparently understand Juli when no one else but Chi can).

While Brothers Conflict doesn’t have much plot other than most of Chi’s brothers being interested in her romantically and Chi getting used to having a big family, I think there’s potential here.  The misunderstandings that keep happening can be applicable to anyone’s real life, giving us lessons to be careful what you say and not to jump to conclusions about people (like with the twins in the last episode).  The awkward accidents (like Subaru tripping and falling on top of Chi in a very intimate pose) warn not to read into occurrences like that.  And while I sometimes begrudge such a slow-moving story, I think it works really well with this anime in particular given the abundance of main characters that all require some characterization.

If the incest shojo harem doesn’t weird you out, I think Brothers Conflict is a nice slice-of-life anime thus far with great potential for real-life application of some (not all; I’m sure very few of us have parents who want to remarry into a family with 13 children) of the situations.

Brothers Conflict Episode 3 Preview

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