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I think I found my new favourite show of the season! Granted it's not one where you can expect a story with plot twists, interesting developments or anything else you look for in an anime that makes it extremely unique, this one is just a straight up action plot. Because it's just a typical (well bloodier than what I usually watch) battle animation, I can definitely appreciate it but more than that I get the feeling this series is just going to be the most fun to watch.

Just to clarify from the beginning who should watch this anime:

1. Any fan of ninja based anime

2. Any fan of action anime

3. Action anime fans who don't want to pick up long series (like Naruto)

Don't pick this up if:

1. You want a deep emotional story

2. You want a story with many plot twists

3. You want vast amounts of character development

The above criteria I have set out might be very narrow and presumptuous but it's what I feel to be an accurate reflection of who would enjoy the show. As I said, full on action fans will find this enjoyable because we all know that when watching an action anime, we can just switch off and relax in front of our screens whilst being wowed by the awesome fight scenes (usually involving some type of superpowers ) and being amused by the occasional jokes that are thrown into the mix to give these types of anime the minimum amount of variation it needs to stop it from being boring.

Brave10 ticks all the boxes.

It has plenty of action with high-paced music that makes you want to follow the battles even more closely; this just from the first episode, where they managed to shove in 3 battles which are made even better by the characters possessing strange ninja techniques. It seems that this pattern will in fact continue since the preview for the next episode is filled with new acquaintances and even more powered up battle scenes - all of this made more acceptable by the plot's simplicity. The plot being simple doesn't actually have a bad effect on the series, especially since it's not a shonen battle series where the protagonist has a goal and thus he will fight towards it and when it is accomplished the story will finally end. Simply put, when a warlord plans to gather 10 of the bravest warriors you can expect to see more action than anything.

Probably one of the best points of this anime is that it has 10 characters which will have our focus. Besides blatant action, we can see obvious relationships appearing amongst these warriors and the temple girl, Isanami that was rescued this episode (focus more on the word obvious). Yes, as predictable as these relationships are, we cannot discount their necessity in action animes otherwise watching something that omits it would just feel wrong on so many different levels. As to whether Isanami and Saizou develop a more romantic relationship is something that can go either way - I personally don't mind something like that in action anime, but I do know many are irritated by it.

Not much else to say about the series and the first episode, except that I can safely say this is one that I'm picking up and will be reviewing on a weekly basis.