So continuing on from the end of the battle from the last chapter, this weeks chapter continues on with the wind down of the arc. This weeks chapter provides not much more than just an ending to this rather weak arc. Not much exciting this week.


The chapter covers the disbandment of the fullbringers; everyone seems to be going their separate ways and besides Riruka, not one of them is thought to be alive by Ichigo & co.

We are shown Tsukishima's despair and his feelings of loneliness after losing Ginjo. A bit short-lived since right after he meets up with Shishigawara, his feelings of loneliness are immediately erased and he is no longer left in emotional emptiness.


I wasn't particularly moved emotionally by this chapter, as it seems to have been trying to wrap up this arc quickly in order to move onto the next arc. If you read Bleach, you will notice this chapter is just like the end of the Aizen arc in the way that it ends.

Unfortunately since the chapter doesn't lead into the next arc, it's very possible that there will be one more chapter before the beginning of the next arc.