Ugh..... just to illustrate how frustrated I now find Bleach, I started writing this review whilst on the toilet. But the silver lining to this dark, dark, oh so dark cloud is that this chapter does signal either the end or the ending of the arc!

Not much happened at all during this chapter. All we witness here is the fight between Ginjo and Ichigo which ultimately ends with Ginjo's demise - a nice way of illustrating it I must say and hat's of to Tite Kubo for using 5 pages of just illustration and no text to end the fight. It seems Ginjo has also lost the will to fight, so his loss actually makes us feels a little bad for him.

Unfortunately even the appearance of Tsukishima and his attempt to take out Ichigo was nowhere near exciting and Riruka appearing from Rukia's body to stop him was even less impressive. The chapter then ends with Riruka and Tsukishima both injuring themselves and what looks like Tsukishima having a flashback, so it's obvious that a few more chapters will be needed to end this arc after all.

The chapter unfortunately felt too boring; probably because it has been done in a very similar style which has been used too many times in Bleach. Though I can say that with the ending of this god-awful arc, we can hopefully expect a much better arc to finish off the series and give us Bleach fans a better sense of satisfaction.

Let's see what the next few chapters have to offer!