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Many questions are answered in the this episode of BlazBlue: Alter Memory as Terumi takes some time to explain things to Ragna.

A summary of all of what Terumi explains would be really long and confusing, though, so I suggest you watch the episode if you’re interested.  Basically, it boils down to the fact that Terumi wants to destroy the Master Unit, and accidentally created the Black Beast in the past when he was trying to fuse a Murakumo Unit (like Nu and Lambda) with the BlazBlue.  It’s still a bit unclear why he wants to destroy the Master Unit; is it simply because it has the power of a god?  Or is he doing it because someone higher on the totem pole (the Imperator, perhaps) wants him to do it?

He successfully smelts Noel Vermillion into a Murakumo Unit called Kusanagi, the God-Killer Sword.  This is possible because she’s a perfect Prime Field with some of the Power of the Azure inside her.  As Kusanagi, her sole purpose is to destroy the Master Unit (and, apparently, to hate the world).  She leaves to accomplish this goal, leaving Ragna and Terumi to fight.

And what a one-sided fight it is.  Ragna can’t really do anything to Terumi, at least at first.  When Lambda gets involved, Terumi rips her apart (figuratively), and she lies dying in Ragna’s arms.  At this point, she reverts to her Nu personality, which Kokonoe can’t explain, and somehow allows Ragna access to her Idea Engine as she fades away.  The Idea Engine lets Ragna make his BlazBlue into the true power of the Azure, apparently.  This, in turn, makes him decidedly stronger than Terumi.  However, rather than killing Terumi, he simply leaves him wounded as he goes to help Rachel.

This episode ends with Ragna, Jin, and Hakumen all facing off against Kusanagi.  It’s unclear whether they’re going to work together to stop her or go at it one at a time.  And while it’s obvious that Ragna wants to save Noel rather than simply kill her as she’s become, it’s not really clear whether Jin and Hakumen feel the same way.

As BlazBlue: Alter Memory nears its end, here’s hoping that some of the smaller stories (such as Litchi and Arakune’s story, for instance) are wrapped up, and not just the main plot.

BlazBlue: Alter Memory Episode 12 Preview

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