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Ok seriously this anime keeps getting freakier and freakier. Just when you thought it was going to have a slightly more relaxed atmosphere since Kagari had finally calmed down, the school counsellor emerges as a suspicious and frightening new psychopath.

I'm still not sure what the story is actually meant to be about but what has become evident is that there is a connection between the characters in BRS' world and Mato's world. Essentially this is the one thing you have to take away with you after watching this episode since the rest of it was a little bit cookie-cutter and little bit freaky (not as freaky as episode 2 but close to it).

So Mato is still unable to figure out why she keeps having these strange dreams in which random girls appear - and only girls - making me wonder what direction the anime wants to take Frankly speaking this is looking to be a little bit too much of a innocent/maybe not so innocent friendship/love story between Mato and Yomi, as exhibited by the content in this episode, namely Yomi's completely irrational jealousy of Mato's friendship with Yu and a little bit of a comment from Yu regarding Mato's love life.


The connection between BRS' world and Mato's seems to be getting stronger, progress which only the suspicious counsellor can take credit for after pushing the basketball captain to a breaking point after her embarrassing rejection. The phrase as cruel as schoolchildren doesn't even cover it, since the involvement of the counsellor just made this a little hard to watch and at the same time had everyone questioning her involvement in the story; you could definitely tell that she would be involved in one way or another just from the first episode but her actions are a little mixed when giving us an idea about her intentions. I figure any woman who has marked 2 girls in her photobook, tried to imitate one and then bullied another girl into a mental breakdown is probably an antagonist.

No idea how the rest of this anime is going to progress but since I'm hoping that next episode we might get an explanation or even more clues regarding what BRS is about and the connection the characters have to the real world ones this anime could become interesting for it's remaining 5 episodes.