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This anime is starting to give me the creeps; in a good way.

Kagari as a character is probably the reason why I'm so freaked out by the series. She is a combination of obsessive, possessive, crazy and if she could walk she would most probably be a stalker. Not to mention by carving a heart into Yomi's body with a needle right after she forced her to stay at home with her instead of going to the festival made me a little bit more scared.

That being said her character's existence within the series is frighteningly necessary to add a little bit of edge to what would otherwise be a soppy friendship (possibly turning yuri story) that Black Rock Shooter has been giving the impression of. I don't know what to make of this series; not as to whether one should watch it, which everyone should, but rather the actual connection between BRS and Mato as well as the other figures living and fighting in BRS' world. Right now I'm wondering whether this is an attempt to use magical realism in anime about relationships between the characters (implied by the Mato's counsellor who tells her about the possibility of her link to Yomi) or it really will become a story based around BRS and her fights, either way this anime has left me more in shock/disgust/confusion (in a good way) than Mawaru Penguindrum did.

Besides the actual story within the real world, I couldn't help but enjoy BRS' world. The cinematography alone is enough to get someone to watch this and as someone who is familiar with magical realism I was definitely appreciative of all the scenes that took place in the other world. Besides being cool to watch and feeding a constant hunger of mine to see cool action, it was particularly an effective tool for the episode, more towards the end than beginning, to keep breaking away from scenes occurring in the real world to scenes taking place in Black Rock Shooter's world.

I still have no idea what the story is meant to be about but right now I do like that I'm being kept in the dark about this and I hope that this continues to be the case as long as the story remains interesting and all is revealed in due time. More than anything by ending with a cliffhanger where Kagari has stopped yelling, which coincides with her "avatar" being slain by BRS, I am already anticipating the next episode with no idea as to how the plot will progress. Will Kagari let it go Or will she continue to be the crazy, obsessive, possessive character she has started out as