Bakuman Season 3 – 16

As Bakuman proves, rivalry can be a touching and heart-warming thing.

A rare occasion for us to get a true Eiji-centric episode. The past three episodes may have centred around him, but they weren’t so much about him. They were more about giving the other authors their due via a pseudo-antagonistic relationship with Eiji. It was time to conclude this arc.

For a man I consider to be an enigma, this conclusion was just right for Eiji. Often portrayed as many different things – from genius to antagonist – his existence may seem more complex than it is. At heat, Eiji’s just a kid who didn’t have friends. He may be a genius but it wasn’t until he met Ashirogi Muto and the others that he came to be the man he is today. Though his portrayal in Bakuman has been that of a genius, he too has grown as a character. Both as a manga artist and a human being. The genius in him may have led to his decision to end Crow, but it wouldn’t have been the same without his friends and rivals.

His thanks towards his rivals was touching. Mainly because he sometimes come across as the antagonist instead of the rival, this was a sweet moment. Of course Ashirogi Muto were always going to be the ones to receive his final thanks; they’re eternal rivals after all! Alongside the sweetness of the episode, there was some bitterness for Ashirogi. They just missed out on beating Eiji, even with all the effort they put forth. Disappointing for sure. That doesn’t mean it’s the end, as displayed by their final conversation.

Eiji claims to have come up with the best manga ever. Clearly we’re headed somewhere exciting right

Based on the preview of the next episode, Bakuman is ending this season. The final arc will have to wrap up the entire manga. That leaves 9 episodes to animate 27 chapters of the manga. Just as I feared, the quick pacing is catching up to Bakuman as we enter the final stages of the story. It’ll literally have to be done at 3 chapters per episode.

No more detours. The final arc of Bakuman will comence next episode!

  • adamevea

    Well said in all regards. I wondered how they would handle this. I agree that Eiji was and is an interesting character. He started out as one that i hated, and over time i have come to accept him as necessary for the story, but he IS extreme and a creep, no matter how sympathetic he may be shown in the "group' of star writers, he for me is still an example of the Japanese allowing and even respecting and supporting eccentric thugs. He bullies all the other characters and even the editors and they are all shown to like and admire him in spite of it. For me, genius is no excuse for being an immature jerk.

    I feared they would and they did indeed do the same thing to poor Aoi, they paired her with that nasty creep she was forced into relationship with. ….so it is shown in several ways.

    Yet i know this is anime, and i share my thoughts not meaning to be a hater or a downer, for this is a brilliant series and Eiji is an essential part of the dynamics. I too was worried about the ending..and the final cycle. They are sure going to have to catch up and speed thru a lot. I fear we may be cheated out of some of what i was hoping would be more of the focus. ….the human side. but in the end many Manga artists and writers are indeed themselves cheated out of their own personal lives by the grueling demands of the deadlines of their craft. I know that side of the creative world myself and it is a harsh mistress. Well we have had a good run this season, and lots of fine anime/manga we really should have a new sub genre for Anime that is about manga but i guess we will just have to enjoy it without a category of its own thanks for another thoughtful and thought provoking review. Well done.