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After seven episodes, Kadowaki finally joins the main plot of Arata Kangatari.  But why can't I take him seriously?

With the way the story was set up, Kadowaki's entry into the other dimension has been a long time coming.  We've known this would happen ever since the first episode and the OP/ED's and little by little, he's been brought into the story.  Nevertheless, this was the first episode he's been properly featured in and it feels a lot like the first episode of the series.

Of course a big part of that has to do with the blatant similarity between him and Arata getting warped.  That's the obvious part which we'll put aside, and instead focus on Kadowaki's day-to-day life.  Not all that surprising that he's got it rough - bullies always have their own problems outside of school - and somehow I don't sympathise with him.  His entire hatred towards Arata seems to be centred around some type of track race from middle school, and that just makes him look like a petty character you don't want to feel sorry for.  The cynic in me even questions how this part of the backgrounds story could even make sense, especially since it involves a deep-running hatred towards another person.

Melodramatic was how I'd describe it.  Then again, Arata Kangatari seems be all about the melodrama, so Kadowaki's own teen issues shouldn't have been as off-putting as they were.  I do hope that before the series ends we'll get the full story about his hate towards Arata, which seems more plausible now that they're in the same world and will inevitably fight each other.

Ultimately the development has moved things along once again.  Not only does in facilitate the confrontation we've been expecting but it also adds a possible fight between Arata and Harunawa in the regular world.  Let's not forget about the Sho either - the Six Sho are coming out to play and Yorunami looks like he's done waiting - as we enter the final quarter of Arata Kangatari.

Arata Kangatari Episode 09 Preview

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