With the end of the arc, it was time to progress smoothly into the next arc of the Ao no Exorcist storyline. Well, not quite.

Since the previous chapter wrapped up the Impure King arc, this chapter decided to go flow smoothly into what I assume to be a 1-2 chapter side story before the start of a brand new arc much like the time when the Okumura brothers calmed down and tamed Kuro. The chapter was filled with the typical comedy you'd find in Ao no Exorcist and even allowed the manga artist to beef up his popularity with a little "seasonal fan service" focusing on Kirgakure but with a quick apperance from Shiemi.

Yukio being tense made me wonder whether it had something to do with the connection he felt to Rin back during his fight, something that was probably picked up by Kirigakure as well who tried to make light of the situation. Besides this, and the Shiemi, Rin and Yukio's little attempt to engage in battle with the Kraken, there wasn't much else going on in this chapter - quite uneventful but presumably what the author needed in order to think up a story for the new arc.