Fate ZeroFate Zero 2

Probably my favourite "bro" duo in anime, and incidentally some of my favourite characters this year. Waver and his servant Iskandar (Rider) were, for me, the reason to watch Fate/zero's second cour.

After the infamous King's banquet episode, there weren't many other Fate/zero moments that I truly enjoyed. Most of it became forgettable and whilst entertaining, wasn't the most enjoyable to watch. One thing I will remember, were all of Iskandar and Waver's moments.

Economically speaking, these two were the definition of complimentary. As one of them appeared, I demanded more of the other guy. I did prefer Rider to Waver, though after a while I couldn't bear to see them apart in scenes. So you can imagine my reaction to that beautiful farewell shared by the King of Conquerors and his unofficial vassal.

Alone these men are no more than mildly amusing, together they give you a reason to laugh, cry and shout in excitement. Had they been more present in the second half of Fate/zero, I may have loved it more. I now pronounce Rider and Waver, Bro's for life.