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Surprise, surprise! This will probably be the one post all aniblogers will include in their 12 days of anime. Why It was just that good.Towards the end Hyouka was finally looking at the romantic pairings. Throughout the series there had been some moments when you got a bit of that awkwardness between the two pairings, but never a full on romantic gesture from either of the guys.

In the end we didn't get that from Hyouka. Disappointment did ensue for a little bit - the romantic comedy fan in me struggling - but afterwards I went back to re-watch the final moment. I ended up re-watching with nothing but pure love for it and even though Oreki's fantasy confession wasn't what I initially wanted, it became it.

It was also at that point when I realised Hyouka would be one of my favourite anime this year. The summer had just ended and the Fall season was enticing - still is - but a part of me knew I'd hold onto this one.