12 Days of Anime #12: Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor SakuraDone yearly by the always entertaining Scamp over at The Cart Driver, I bring you my own 12 Days of Anime. Leading up to Christmas and Boxing day, you’ll see a post about a moment of anime each day.

To kick this off, nothing could be more fitting than one of my first anime ever.

Some of you may know I grew up outside of Europe. My childhood was spent watching whatever cartoons were dubbed, most of which was the Smurfs. That was until I discovered anime, and Cardcaptor Sakura is the first one I remember.

Admittedly Sailor Moon was my first anime, but quite frankly I don’t remember anything from it. Well……the transformation sequence is about it. Cardcaptor Sakura on the other hand drew me in almost instantly and became my favourite weekly anime.

Now when I revisit the anime for a watch, I realise how much more mature the story was from what I remember. From the yuri undertones of Sakura’s best friend Tomoyo – innocent when you’re a child watching this anime – to the “interesting” romance developments with the other characters.

Funny how age makes such a big difference with viewing experience. When I watch an episode nowadays I find myself laughing at things I found interesting about the series back in my youth. So much yuri and yaoi that makes me reconsider what the series was meant to be about.

Yuri/yaoi vibes aside, there’s still something about Cardcaptor Sakura. Not only was it my first anime that I remember, it’s the first CLAMP work that I was introduced to.

  • http://theotakuspot.animeblogger.net Mikoto

    I certainly think it’s a great way to kick off a holiday post!

    Same, watched CCS as a teen. Many of the things about the series that captivated me that still does today was the charming character wardrobe, the friendly atmosphere and setting, the humor, the catchy OST, the hnng romance between Sakura and Syaoran and it’s overall message that love surpasses gender and age, and of course, the genuine cuteness about it without obnoxiously trying too hard.

    All in all though, I think CLAMP and Studio Madhouse did a great job of making an manga/anime aimed at kids. It’s pretty much *the* example of a kids anime/cartoon that can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages.

    • http://animeaura.com azeriraz

      It really is one of my favourites from CLAMP. The innocence of it all is just too much at times and the charming atmosphere accommodated it so well.